Recently Completed – Brookside Charter School Classroom and Gymnasium Addition

In 2012 Rau Construction began work on a three phase 45,000-SFbuilding addition and renovation project for Brookside Day & Charter school.  Completed in November 2013, this project added add  14 new classrooms, kitchen and dining facilities and a 9000-SF multipurpose gymnasium and auditorium.  Since the school operates continuously throughout the year, a 3 phase schedule was developed to ensure a smooth transition into the new facility.

Phase 1 –  New 4 story 36,000-SF classroom addition which connects to the existing building at every floor.

Phase 2 – Link and new entrance.  This phase of the project included construction of a new entrance and circulation corridor that links all three buildings together.

Phase 3 –  Gymnasium and Auditorium Building. The final phase of the project, a 9000-SF multi-purpose gymnasium and auditorium was built and joined the link building and classroom addition.

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