5 Important Questions to Ask before Hiring a Construction Company

The decision regarding what construction company to hire can be a challenging one. Hours of strategic planning and research are often needed to find a reputable organization. To help alleviate some of the frustration related to this process, use the five questions listed here.

1. How Long has the Company been in business?

The majority of contractors working today, want to work alongside other contractors who have been doing the same type of work for many years. Years or even decades of experience bring along tenure that is likely unmatched by newly established construction companies. However, you also don’t need to assume that because a construction company is older that it will automatically perform better – this isn’t always the case.

So, while you need to consider how long the company has been in business, you also need to do additional research and ask more questions.

2. Has the Company Ever Changed Names or Operated Under a Different Name?

In addition to finding out how long a construction company has been in business, you also need to find out if they have ever changed their name. If so, this may raise questions regarding the motivations of the construction company. If you find out the company has changed their name once, or multiple times, it may be an indication that the company is actively trying to hide things from their past.

However, name changes don’t have to be a red flag. Other strategic business choices, such as a merger, may have facilitated the name change. Make sure to do your research and ask this question before hiring a construction company.

3. Does the Company have a Permanent, Local Address?

If the Kansas City commercial construction companies you are considering using doesn’t have a permanent, local address, this should also serve as a red flag. A permanent address is the best way to determine the legitimacy of the firm, and that they will be able to live up to any promises if issues arise down the road. If your construction company has a permanent address, you can even utilize services, such as Google Earth, to find out where the office is, without having to actually visit it.

4. Is the Company Licensed and Registered?

If you ever agree to work with unregistered or unlicensed contractor, it will put your project at risk. State law violations and lawsuits may result if you work with an unregistered or unlicensed construction contractor.

The fact is, registered and licensed construction companies offer several benefits, including their dedication to continuing improving their services, engaging in ongoing training, and assurance of quality for the project taken on. Be sure to check and see if the construction company has builder’s risk insurance and  belongs to any association too.

5. Does the Company Have Valid References?

You would never hire someone without calling to check in with their previous employers, right? So why would you hire a construction company without checking out some of the past customers they worked with in the past? This can be an excellent way to get honest information about the services provided.

If you are ready to hire a construction company for any project, make sure to ask the five questions here first. This will help ensure you get the best company for the job.