At Rau Construction, one of the main focuses of our company is historic rehab. We enjoy the opportunity to take an old, historic building that may be falling down, in disrepair or need a bit of TLC and make it beautiful again.

The majority of buildings we rehab are found in downtown, urban environments; however, our services are by no means limited to these areas. In most cases, these are the buildings on the national register or that are historic tax credit jobs. The fact is, this segment of our business represents approximately 50 percent of the total work we do, and we have years of successful projects we can share with you, letting you see exactly what our team is capable of.

For our historical rehab projects, there’s no certification necessary, but the majority of historic tax credit investors require us to provide a resume of similar projects we have completed in the past. We get it. If you are in this situation you want to have confidence that we are going to do the job right and that we have worked on these types of projects in the past.

Our team has no problem providing you with the information you need to have confidence in the decision you make to work with us on your historical rehab project.

While there are countless construction companies in existence today offering renovation and rehab services for historic buildings, none can compare to the experience or history of successes our team has.

Do you have a historic building project in mind? Do you need the help of a construction company that can provide you exceptional results and affordable prices? If so, we are ready to learn more about your project and goals. Contact us today to get started.