Today’s modern school facilities demand more flexibility and technology than ever before to help maximize the interdisciplinary cross-curriculum flexible classroom approach and to help foster the use of creative collaboration.

At Rau Construction, we bring specialized school construction experience from the completion of countless projects. As an experienced and well-known school builder, we have established proven best practices to help support the creation of a customized, student-centered learning environments based on your community’s need for CTE (career and technical education, vocational technical (vo-tech), STEM and other specialized curriculum needs.

When we are hired to renovate facilities on an existing campus, student and faculty safety is our first priority. We are recognized as a safe construction manager and will ensure you fully understand the safety and security steps we have in place when handling work at your campus.

In addition to providing customized services based on your unique needs, we also have knowledge in current trends, student inclusion programs, sustainable design practices, equipment construction solutions, operation issues, construction technology and cost trending to ensure you receive the best results possible.

We understand that school and educational facilities require builders with a unique type of expertise – and we have that expertise. We take pride in building educational facilities that offer the highest percentage of functional space, in the most effective ways possible. We do this, so you can provide the best possible learning environment for your students.

The fact is, our company has a rich history working in various educational construction projects, including building and designing schools, recreational facilities and auditoriums. Many of our partnerships are with private, Christian organizations and higher end schools, allowing us to create impressive facilities that are also low maintenance and cost effective.

If you are ready to get started with your education facility construction project, contact us today.