New Construction

Taking a project from a open piece of land to a brand-new building requires more than just a set of plans, it requires a knowledge of past, present and emerging building technologies. Over the last 100 years Rau Construction has successfully completed a wide variety of new building types with an even wider variety of structural and architectural systems. This past experience provides us with a robust knowledge of various building systems and their impact on both cost and life-cycle. As architects and engineers learn ways for new building products to enhance their projects, so do we. Rau Construction’s commitment to Early Contractor Involvement method of building has enabled us to coordinate closely with design teams to evaluate use of emerging systems to make sure we deliver a project that will the test of time. Our long history of successfully completed projects combined with our experience building cutting edge new structures prepares to take on the most demanding and unique challenges.

Historic Renovation

It takes a unique General Contractor to renovate a historic building to a new use. On many of the projects shown in this section, Rau Construction Company started with a building that had 100+ years of history and challenges. Combine this with a new vision for the building and the requirements of local and national historic agencies, the projects become more than what can be shown on a simple set of blueprints. It is through hard work and understanding of these grand structures that we have been able to give new life to so many historic landmarks.


Building an addition to a structure combines many of the unique aspects of both new construction and renovations. Add-in the dynamic of working inside and around an occupied environment and you create a whole new set of construction challenges. Our experience gained from previous projects enables us to meet these challenges in multiple ways, from developing phased construction schedules to planning and providing temporary safety and weather protection. We understand that businesses need to keep their operations running smoothly with the minimum of disruptions during construction. It is by close coordination with owners and staff that Rau Construction has been able to deliver these successful addition projects.